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Even at the times when fiber revolution is taking place, we still do not forget about our old copper infrastructure, and as a logical result of that a new product is in our product portfolio:


Ethernet LAN extender - gives up to 148 Mbit/s speed over twisted pairs or coax cables over a distances up to 6 km.

 Some features:


  • High-speed transmission of Ethernet network signals over twisted pair, existing telephone lines and coaxial cable etc.
  • Long distance transmission as far as 6000m
  • 0-300 meter, rate up to 148M-90Mbps, 1200 m,rate up to 15Mbps
  • 10/100 M network environments compatible.
  • Excellent real-time function, strong anti-interference, easy installation
  • Built-in WEB management capabilities, real-time view of equipment working state.

New Product Available

SD-SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI digital video over fiber converter

An easy and affordable plug and play product which allows send SD-SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI family digital video interfaces over single fiber. Additional serial RS-485/RS-232 data port can be added according request.

Possible applications for this product:

  • Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System.
  • Security system
  • School networking
  • Industrial monitoring (Electricity,Chemistry,Steel,Oil,Railway & etc)
  • Military Monitoring (Warehouse,Border,Guards,etc)
  • TV programme transmission system.
  • Stadium (For LIVE HD video,audio transmission)


DATE:     Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st September, 2011

Venue:    Hyatt Regency trinidad

Theme:   Bridging the Gap: Strategic Thought Transformed through Project Management




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