Gigabit Ethernet WDM media converter


The AN-UMG130/150 series comply with IEEE 802.3z/ab Gigabit Ethernet standard single fiber converter is designed with an optic wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM technology that transports bi-directional full duplex signal over a single fiber simultaneously. It supports two types of media for network convention such as 1000 Base -T to 1000 Base-SX/LX and connects these of segments to operate smoothly.

AD-net AN-UMG130/150 series provides a unique capability of both transmitting and receiving Gigabit Ethernet data on a single fiber over the distances up to 40 km. This feature is critical for many Fiber-to-the-X (FTTX) environments, where a single fiber is laid to each customer. AD-net single-fiber solutions cover a range of protocols and distances, and include single-fiber WDM for specific applications and protocols, what require stable and reliable optical to ethernet conversion. For Fiber Optical Ethernet applications, AD-net provides SFP modules that directly connect to a bi-directional fiber interface. AD-net also provides a wide variety of specialty patch cables to combine wavelengths and multiplex transmit and receive signals.

AN-UMG130/150 also can be ordered as plug in modules in AN-CH05 chassis, and they also are universal - you can use same units as standalone unit, and also same unit can be used as plug in module in chassis.

AN-UMG130/150  is successfully used inoptical-to-electrical-to-optical translation at the very edge of the transport network, thus permitting interoperation with existing equipment with optical interfaces.

AN-UMG130/150 single fiber media converter systems operate on single mode fiber optical cables, which have a core diameter of 9 µm. Certain models of WDM can also be used in multi-mode fiber cables (also known as premises cables) which have core diameters of 50 or 62.5 µm.


  • Complies with 1000Mbps NWay switches and 1000Mbps NICs cost-effective for budget user
  • WDM - Wave Division Multiplexing Technology to cut your network design costs - you need only 1 fiber instead of 2
  • Extends network span from 10km up to 40km over single fiber
  • MDI/MDI-X auto negotiation
  • WDM technology combines dual fiber cables into single fiber greatly save the installation cost of expensive fiber cable
  • FCC Class A & CE approved
  • RoHs Compliant


Standarts: IEEE802.3z/ab 1000Base-T 1000Base-SX/LX


Data rate: 2000Mbps full duplex

TP: 1000 FDX with NWAY auto-negotiation

Power supply: 100 to 240VAC 50 to 60Hz

Input power: 2A@+5v

Dimensions: 70.5mm(L)X94mm(W)X26.5mm(H)

Wavelenght: 1310/1550 nm TX/RX, more exotic wavelenghts, like 1610/1490 etc are available up special request


Relative humidity: 5% to 90%
Operating temperature:0 to 60
Storage temperature : -20 to 70  





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