USB port powered media converter


series media converters are media converters what makes easy conversion between 10/100BaseTx and 100BaseFx segments, and can be powered from USB port of PC.  AN-UM-USB converter supports Link Fault Pass Through (LFP) function, for easy tracing of network link failures, and the LFP function enhances integrity and conformity of twisted pair (TP)-Fiber linking to make the network easier to maintain.

AN-UM-USB is powered by an external power adaptor or USB port on the hosting device (e.g., PC or NB). The option of using USB port power, which is unique to AN-UM-USB for products of this type, offers greater flexibility when deploying AN-UM-USB in the field.

Power can be selectable - there is a DIP switch between power over USB or from external AC-DC power supply unit.

Media converter can be used in FTTH applications, where no separate power outlet is available for powering the optical media converter, but the fiber cable is installed to each workstation. Also, it can be used for very critical workstation and server applications where 100 % power availability should be made - if the client workstation and PC are equipped with the UPS - then powering media converter from USB port means, that even if power in room will dissapear, then not only PC will work - also workstation still will have network connection.FEATURES
  • 10/100Mbps and full/half duplex automatically configure in TP port.
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T and IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX Standards
  • MDI/MDI-X Auto Negotiation
  • LED Indicators: POWER, FX LINK/ACT, 100, TP LINK/ACT, FDX/COL.
  • Supports LLR (Link Loss Return) for FX Port & LFP functions
  • Wall-Mountable & Standalone
  • FCC Class A & CE approved 
  • Power from USB port or external power supply
Multi-mode: 1310nm; Single-mode: 1310nm

Fiber cable(m):
8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125 or 10/125 single-mode

Maximum distance: Multimode;2km(Default), Single-mode;20km/(Default)40km/60km/80km/100km/120km
Power supply: 100 to 240VAC 50 to 60Hz
Input power: 2A +5V, or USB port
Dimensions: 70.5mm(L)X94mm(W)X26.5mm(H)

Relative humidity: 5% to 90%
Operating temperature: 0 to 60
Storage temperature: -20 to 70

Application scenario:


10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 2Km SC Connector (Multimode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 2Km ST Connector (Multimode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 20 Km SC Connector (Single mode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 40 Km SC Connector (Single mode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 60 Km SC Connector (Single mode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 80 Km SC Connector (Single mode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 100 Km SC Connector (Single mode)
10/100 Base-TX/FX Bridge Converter 120 Km SC Connector (Single mode)


Unmanaged series 14 slots chassis

Link Fault Pass Through (LLP. LFP) function for media converters
Huge Saving and Networking Flexibility with Fiber Optical Media Converters



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